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June 6, 2018

Check Out These 3 Podcasts I Recently Guested On

Working Class Audio on the Music 3.0 blogI’ve been privileged to be invited to appear as a guest on three great podcasts recently that you might want to check out. Coincidentally, all of them posted at around the same time.

The first is the great Working Class Audio Episode #180. Host Matt Boudreau and I spoke about artist/musician/engineer diversification, the state of the commercial studio today, making the transition from musician to engineer/producer, and much more. Thanks for having me, Matt!


Music Biz Weekly Podcast on the Music 3.0 BlogThe next is the fantastic Music Biz Weekly Podcast from music industry vets Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert. On that one we discussed music streaming, smart speakers, and the general state of the music industry, among other things. Thanks so much, Michael and Jay!


Sound Design Live Podcast on the Music 3.0 BlogFinally there the immensely interesting Sound Design Live podcast by host Nathan Lively. Here we spoke specifically about an article I posted called Why Do Concerts Sound So Bad, a subject near and dear to my heart. We also discussed  a bit about building relationships and generating personal referrals, and why artists and promoters are not streaming their events. Thanks, Nathan!

Like I said, it’s a privilege to be asked to be a guest on these podcasts, and I do hope you’ll check out the episodes I appear in and more.

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