EDM Is Slowing Down

EDM is slowing downWe’ve all seen clubs and restaurants that were white hot for a while and suddenly petered out after the sheen had worn off. That’s what’s happening with EDM at the moment as the scene is slowly winding down on a number of fronts.

Although some big festivals like Ultra Music can still command large crowds, they’re not the instant sellouts that they once were. In fact, many formerly successful festivals like TomorrowWorld have been cancelled this year.

Why is this happening? There are a number of reasons why the scene is said to have peaked (some say back in 2013).

  • For one thing, EDM is a victim of its own success, with entrance, VIP and bottle prices now beyond what the normal fan can handle.
  • There are fewer South American high-rollers to prop the clubs up as unfavorable exchange rates and country economics have kept them at home.
  • Soaring DJ fees (as high as $400,000 per night) have also made it impossible for many clubs to continue.
  • The “show” that most DJ’s put are is basically the same, and is pretty much limited by the genre and environment. People that used to love EDM are now looking for something new.
  • Many are also tired of the house music genre that’s at the heart of EDM.

Both Las Vegas and South Beach, the respective ground zero for the genre, have seen mass club closings in the last year, and SFX Entertainment, who bet heavily on investing in EDM, has declared bankruptcy.

It looks like we’re ready for a new trend. Do you see it on the horizon?

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