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Mastering Engineer Gavin Lurssen On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Gavin LurssenGavin Lurssen started as a protege of the great mastering engineer Doug Sax (the very first indie mastering guy) but quickly forged his own way and sound, first at the famed Mastering Lab, then at his own Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood.

Along the way he’s mastered projects for everyone from Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crowe, Miranda Lambert and Elvis Costello, among many others, plus he’s won 4 Grammy awards for his work. Gavin is also a governor of the LA chapter of the Recording Academy, and now has his own mastering plugin from IK Multimedia.

We had a great conversation on mastering that I think you’ll really like.

On the intro I talk about YouTube’s new requirement of 10,000 views before you can get paid, and what we know about the upcoming release of the new Mac Pro desktop.

You can listen to it at, or via iTunesStitcher, Mixcloud or Google Play.

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