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December 29, 2017

Submit Your Music To These 100 Music Blogs

Music blogsGetting exposure for your music is the only way to grow your audience, and one of the best ways to do that is through music blogs. I’ve written about how to approach music bloggers in the past, but the fact of the matter is that one of the biggest chores in doing so is trying to find the appropriate bloggers in the first place. Luckily Ryan Harrell of Midination has done an excellent job of compiling 100 music blogs along with all the appropriate info needed to make a submission.

Not only that, he’s assembled a downloadable spreadsheet, and even finishes up with some excellent tips on the best way to submit your material in a way that gives it the best chance to be noticed. It’s really quite thorough, and Ryan deserves some accolades for doing an excellent job.

You’ll find an abbreviated example of the 100 music blogs below, but you’ll probably want to access the entire chart here.

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