November 8, 2016

ProMusicDB Founder Christy Crowl On Episode #134 Of My Inner Circle Podcast

Christy CrowlIf you’re lucky enough to have worked on a variety of music projects, you’re no doubt aware that many times you don’t receive the necessary credit. Even worse, sometimes everything from IMDB to Wikipedia gets your credits wrong. Something has to be done to make sure that the information is correct and thorough.

That’s why ProMusicDB is such a revelation. Finally there’s one place to make sure that the info so important to a musician, engineer or producer is recorded and available for everyone to see, and founder Christy Crowl is on the podcast this week to give us the details.

Christy has suffered through this herself, having a career as a conductor, musical director, singer, songwriter, and keyboard player for Mannheim Steamroller, and many times not receiving credit for some of the many projects she’s worked on. can be the answer though, and Christy will tell us why.

On the intro we’ll look at the fact that download sales are at their lowest in 10 years and dropping fast, and how new acoustic materials are coming to market to help our world become just a little more quiet.

You can listen to it at, or via iTunesStitcher, Mixcloud or Google Play.

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