EastWest Studio Manager Candace Stewart On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Candace Stewart EastWest StudiosStudio management is an art unto itself and every studio owner knows how difficult it is to find a good one. Candace Stewart is one of the best there is, having spent over 20 years in some of the best facilities in Los Angeles. She’s now the manager of the famous EastWest Studios in Hollywood (formerly Western and the former home of the legendary Bill Putnum), and she’s the guest on my latest podcast.

Candace has seen it all, and has some excellent stories to tell. The Elton John “float” story is worth the listen alone!

On the intro I talk about Kickstarter celebrating its 25,000th music project and why some campaigns succeed while others don’t, and the ins and outs of multiband compression.

You can listen to it at bobbyoinnercircle.com, or via iTunesStitcher, Mixcloud or Google Play.

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