Musician, Engineer And Studio Owner Greg Curtis On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Greg Curtis on Music 3.0 blogMy guest this week is Greg Curtis, who is not only a session and touring trumpet player and accomplished engineer, but he’s also the founder of The Bridge Recording, which is one of the busiest scoring stages in Hollywood. The Bridge is actually one of the few studios anywhere that’s found its business increasing in recent years.

The studio regularly hosts sessions for Emmy-winning television shows, big budget Oscar-winning feature films, record-breaking video games, as well as music recording sessions for Grammy-winning productions.

Since opening in 2010, The Bridge Recording has hosted over 400 television shows, over 300 films, and hundreds of music, video game, trailer music, and media library music recording sessions. Clients include Disney, Dreamworks, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Universal, Lionsgate and many others.

On the intro I’ll look at Spotify filing to go public and what that means, and Gibson’s latest round of layoffs and credit downgrading (honest, I’m not picking on them – their just in the news so much).

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Enjoy the show!

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