KEF Content Manager Jack Sharkey On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

KEF logo Bobby O Inner Circle PodcastMy guest this week is the content creation manager for KEF America, Jack Sharkey. KEF, in case you’re not aware, manufacturers some pretty high-end loudspeakers, but also has a long history of supplying monitors to the BBC, which is one of the highest references a company can have.

Jack originally got in touch with me about an interview for the KEF Masters Of Sound blog (which you can read here), but after talking with him for a bit, I realized that he had a lot to share that Inner Circle listeners would want to hear as well.

He has as a diverse background as a drummer, an audio engineer, and an analog and digital electronics engineer, as has as good a grip on what’s happening in not only the loudspeaker industry, but transducer technology itself as anyone you’ll find.

On the intro I’ll look at the passing of Tower Records founder Russ Soloman and the effect the store (and later the chain) had on the industry, as well as the new $50 million fund that Bose has carved out for audio-related augmented reality startups.

You can listen to this podcast episode at, or via iTunesStitcher, Mixcloud or Google Play.

Enjoy the show!

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