November 26, 2018

If You’re Young, Music Drives Social Media

music drives social media on the Music 3.0 BlogIt’s probably no surprise that if you’re between the ages of 13 to 24, music tends to be a bigger part of your life than when you get older. Since that’s the case, it stands to reason that social media used by that age group would also be driven by music, as this recent report by MusicWatch verifies.

The study found that 9 out of 10 users in the 13 to 24 age demographic regularly do a music related activity on their social media apps. 63% of users discover new artists on social media, and almost 60% of social media users listen to music after they see a music-related update, tweet or post.

On Facebook:

  • the most highest-rated music activity is the ability to share links to music and playlists from music streaming services
  • 44% like an artist or band
  • 35% read news feeds or stories about artists or bands

On Twitter:

  • 51% follow updates from artists or music influencers
  • 31% follow or tweet to a festival

On Snapchat:

  • 68% view or post from live music events
  • 23% caption posts with song lyrics

On Instagram:

  • 56% follow or tag posts of artists or bands
  • 42% view photos from live music events

35% of those studied pay for a streaming service subscription, 75% watch music videos, and 69% listen to music on AM/FM radio (this is a surprise).

As we all know, fame can come and go pretty fast, but music artists have greater staying power that other celebrities. The study found that of the 5 categories of public figures, 57% followed artists and musicians, while 50% followed TV or movie actors, 35% followed professional athletes, 30% followed reality stars, and 25% followed politicians and political figures.

What’s the top music genre of this age group? Hip-hop, of course, which makes record labels all that more interested in giving us more of the same instead of looking for the next trend. We’ve not seen much new in music for pretty much the entire century (electronic music came to the forefront for a bit, but it was a scene for quite some time before), and we’re overdo. Anyone have any insights on the next music trend?

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