February 22, 2019

Tidal Creates Program To Support Emerging Artists

The streaming music service Tidal announced that it’s launching a new program called Tidal Unplugged intended to support emerging artists. The program is funded by a donation from venture capitalists and philanthropists Mark Lampert and Robert Nelsen in the amount of $1 million, and will kick off March 1st in Detroit.

If selected, the Tidal team will work with an artist to create a personalized program intended to cover the resources needed to further their musical career. This can mean living expenses, equipment, studio time, or access to music industry experts.

All genres of music are welcome, but there’s a unique stipulation in the application process – the music must be performed acapella and can’t use extensive digital elements.

The whole idea for Tidal Unplugged-selected artists is to have them complete 4 songs ready for distribution. As would be expected, there will be an exclusive period of distribution to Tidal, but the artists will receive promotion through the platform’s Tidal Rising program. Also, finalists will get to perform their songs at a showcase in November.

Perhaps the best part for the artists is that they will retain full ownership of any master recordings that come as a result of the program.

The launch in Detroit is actually a dry run to see how the program works. If successful, the company says it intends to roll it out to other cities as well.

Interested artists can apply at tidal.com/Unplugged.

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