These Are The World’s Most Popular Websites

It’s easy to think that some websites and services are huge in terms of visits, but when compared with the most popular, most pale in comparison. The following chart by Statista shows the websites that had the most visits in February, so the data is still pretty fresh.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Google is the most visited website by far, but the next closest (YouTube – also owned by Google) has less than half the visits.

The third most popular website is Facebook at just over 19 billion visits followed by Chinese search engine Baidu at 9 billion. Popularity drops like a rock from there.

Wikipedia comes in 5th with almost 5 billion, while Yahoo is still popular enough to come in right after with almost 4 billion. Twitter follows right behind at 3.6 billion.

Porn is popular with 3 sites in the top 20 – pornhub, xvideos, and xnxx. And a number of Russian sites made the list as well – yandex,, and

Finally, it’s probably no surprise that both Amazon and Netflix are in the top 20 as well, although they’re surprisingly near the bottom of the list.

The big takeaway from this list is just how powerful Google really is, dwarfing all other websites in popularity.

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