Some 2020 YouTube Stats That You Should Know

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Despite the naysayers, YouTube is not only holding its own these days but actually managing to grow. In fact, some of its numbers are pretty astounding. Let’s take a look at the latest YouTube stats as they come from the social distributor Hootsuite.

  • YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users. Yep, it’s grown in the last year by a couple hundred million.
  • 73% of U.S. adults use YouTube, which is more that use Facebook, and almost two times more that use Instagram. Even more 15 to 25 year olds use YouTube, 81%, than adults.
  • Most YouTube viewers come from the United States, but that’s only 15% of the total. India comes next at 8.1% and Japan after that with 4.6%.
  • Only 33% of popular videos on the service are in English. There are more than 80 different languages used as YouTube is available in 91 countries.
  • You’ve read variations of this one before, but people now upload 500 hours of content every single minute!
  • 70% of what people watch has been recommended by YouTube’s algorithm. It must be pretty good if we keep watching what it brings us.
  • 10% of the most popular videos draw 79% of the total views! The old rule of thumb used to be that 20% of what’s popular would bring in 80% of the audience, but YouTube has thrown this for a loop.
  • 70% of all views are on mobile. That’s no surprise as watching videos is one of the great time killers when you have have some some to kill.

There’s a lot more info, but these latest YouTube stats show that its consumption is not slowing down although tastes do seem to be altering a bit. YouTube can be a very local experience, but it can also be a global one as well, which may in fact be its charm and secret for success.

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