Amazon Follows Spotify And Apple With Amazon Music For Artists

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We’re quickly getting to the point where artists are able to access data pretty much in real time. While Spotify led the way with its Spotify for Artists program back in 2018, both Apple Music and Universal Music launched similar programs last year. The latest to follow is Amazon with its new Amazon Music For Artists program that recently launched in beta.

While it’s possible to see all the success data that you’d suspect, like near real-time streaming data across the Amazon Music’s entire catalog and enhanced audience insights, Amazon Music For Artists also includes a metric that the others can’t provide, which is a Daily Voice Index that shows how an artist’s music is performing on Amazon Music with Alexa. This includes insights into voice requests by artist, album, song, and lyric.

Voice activation is one of the key features of Amazon Music, thanks to its smart speaker line that uses Alexa to find and play music. While there were great hopes for voice and smart speakers to provide a wide range of labor-saving duties, it turns out that accessing music and the weather is what current users of smart speakers do the most. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to provide that data in Amazon Music For Artists.

Another data feature not usually seen is a custom date filter that allows artists to choose specific dates to track performance, including the last 24 hours of a release.

Amazon has also made it especially easy for artists to sign onto the program, with CD Baby users supplying expedited verification to join.

As said before, Amazon Music For Artists is still a beta launch so it’s available only in English at the moment. It’s also available for both Android and iOS. You can find more information and find out how to get started at

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