Musician Relief Funds, Fender Stops Using Ash, And Composer Joe Renzetti On My Latest Podcast

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My guest on this week’s podcast episode is Joe Renzetti, who started in the studio band of the Cameo Parkway label in Philadelphia playing on hits like “Let’s Twist Again,” “South Street,” Palisades Park,” and “Limbo Rock.”

He then moved to New York where he worked as an arranger on huge hits like “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb and Barry Manilow’s breakout hit “Mandy.”

After a move West, Joe immediately found success in Hollywood, winning an Academy Award for The Buddy Holly Story, and scoring a wide variety of films and television shows. He won accolades for his scores on horror films like Dead & Buried, Poltergeist III, and Child’s Play, and many others.

During the interview we spoke about being in the Wrecking Crew of Philadelphia, recording in mono, arrangers as mixers, making the transition from session musician to composer, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at new government funding to help musicians and artists, and Fender no longer using ash in its guitars.

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Enjoy the show!

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