4 Smart Tools To Help Boost Your Digital Marketing

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There is no shortage of tools to help you get your marketing job done online, but a new generation of smart tools can help you do it even better. These 4 tools, courtesy of Social Media Today, are worth looking into, especially if there’s even a chance they can help you increase your reach to a new audience.

Lightricks Beatleap

If you want to take your video production up a notch but don’t want to export them onto a desktop editing tool, then Beatleap might be what you’re looking for. It’s made with TikTok in mind in that it makes matching your video up to music pretty easy. It’s smart in that it uses AI to help speed the process, and it also comes with 1,000 songs that you can use to sync with your videos.


I talk a lot about branding in this blog and in my books, but having an app that can speed the process along is invaluable. That’s where Vengage comes in. It’s main mission is infographics creation but it also has a built-in Brand Kit that saves all of your identity elements to make sure that they’re used in every graphic instance.


If you’re active on social media then you probably have a ton of content strewn all across the internet. We can get analytics from almost every platform, but sometimes it’s difficult to separate apples from oranges. Fentiza helps you find your best performing content as well as your CTAs (call-to-action) so you can identify exactly what’s working well and what isn’t.

Text Optimizer

Text Optimizer is a tool that uses semantic analysis to generate a list of related concepts and questions on any topic you provide. What that means is it helps you tailor your text to better match what search engines are looking for. It shows you what text to add or subtract in order to rank higher in a search. Magic!

Understand that these smart tools come with a price, although you’ll find a free tier for most so you can try it first to see if it’s right for you. Either way, smart tools are here to stay and that can only be better for those of use who create online.

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