January 21, 2021

TikTok’s New Q&A Option Can Help Creators Get More Engagement

TikTok Q&A option for creators image

In an effort to prompt more engagement between TikTok creators and their fans, the platform has rolled out a brand new Q&A option to a selected group of users. This option allows viewers to ask questions directly to the video creator’s profile, which he or she can then like, or use as an idea for a new video answering the question.

Actually, users have always been able to ask questions during a Livestream, but the Q&A option allows them to post a question whenever they want, which should lead to greater engagement.

A new Q&A icon in the comment section brings up a comment screen for those creators that have this feature enabled. If you’re the creator accepting questions, the answer icon is bright red with a camera symbol, which makes it easy to stand out from the questions. What’s even better is that viewers can also see the list of questions asked so they can Like the ones that strike a chord, which also gives the creator an idea of which questions should be immediately addressed.

This feature is good for both TikTok and for creators as it keeps users and creators engaged and keeps them coming back to the app more often. Not only that, the feedback is good to help the creator build a stronger community and following. Since the platform is so big with influencers, this could also help creators rise to that level as well.

You have to hand it to TikTok. They continue to try new things instead of just copy features from other services. Plus, they seem to know their audience very well and know what buttons to push to get them excited.

As said before, this feature is not yet available to the vast majority of users so it appears to be a limited beta, but it could be a winner when finally rolled out system-wide.

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