Terry Manning Part 2, TikTok Blowing Up With Gen-Z, And What Makes Music Universal On My Latest Podcast

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My guest on the podcast this week is part 2 with the legendary Terry Manning, who’s had successful careers as a record producer, audio engineer, photographer, composer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist.

Over his career, Terry has worked on some huge hits with Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Otis Redding, Joe Walsh, Shania Twain, Al Green, Lenny Kravitz and many more. 

He’s also worked as a photojournalist for New Musical Express and has photographed Chuck Berry, Procol Harum, Jimi Hendrix, Dusty Springfield, as well as capturing Martin Luther King Jr on film the day before his assassination.

In part 2 of our interview, we spoke about the inside story on the making of ZZ Top’s biggest hits, his time at the legendary Compass Point Studio, his photography career, being an audio gear manufacturer, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at TikTok blowing up with Gen-Z, and what makes music universal.

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Enjoy the show!

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