Music Video Production May Be A Thing Of The Past With AI-Generated Videos From Rotor Videos

Rotor Videos AI-generated videos image

Music video production can be a tedious and expensive task, and one that many artists consider a necessary evil. For some artists, the fun is in making music not in trying to translate it to picture. That task could be a thing of the past thanks to artificial intelligence and the AI-generated videos from companies like Rotor Videos.

Rotor’s videos includes everything from full-length promos to lyric videos and shorter clips for social media and streaming services. The company’s technology analyses an artist’s music track to create all the video assets, and makes the video creation process is actually quite easy thanks to none of the long production shoots that are usually part of the process.

The first step is to upload your music. It can then be edited into shorter clips for social media, as the video generated will be the same length of the audio clip. The next step is either to upload some photos or graphics or choose from a library of 6,000 images, or a combination. Then choose an editing style to best suit the musical genre. There are over¬†40 different video edit styles that were¬†designed by music video directors and visual artists. You can then preview the AI-generated video to make sure it’s what you want, then finish it off with any text overlays that may be necessary.

If the video is intended for social media, there’s a built-in resizer that allows you to crop it as needed. If you’re happy with it, then it’s time to purchase it, and upload to wherever it has to go.

Pricing is remarkable reasonable. It’s just $9 for a 30 second or less clip and $19 for one that’s longer in high-resolution 1080P. If you’re willing to settle for a lower-res 720P, prices drop down to $6 and $12 respectively. If you think you’re going to be making a lot of videos, there’s also a subscription plan that goes anywhere from $6.25 per month up to $69 per month, depending upon how many videos you generate.

Check out Rotor Videos here. There’s an example of one of their AI-generated videos below, but there are a lot more available on the site.

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