January 25, 2022

Twitter Flocks Enable Posting To Just Your Superfans

Twitter Flocks option for posts to a limited audience on the Music 3.0 Blog

If Twitter is your social platform of choice, you might be frustrated with the fact that you aren’t able to post to a selected portion of your followers. An option called Twitter Flocks is currently being beta tested to enable just that, giving you the ability to reach out to a small group.

With Flocks you’re able to choose up to 150 people with your flock coming up as an option when you tweet. Flock members are then alerted that the tweet has only been shared within the group thanks to a marker on the tweet.

If this sounds familiar it’s because it’s an extension of the Reply Control function that it introduced in 2020. In that case Twitter says, “Before you Tweet, choose who can reply with three options: 1) everyone (standard Twitter, and the default setting), 2) only people you follow, or 3) only people you mention.”

This isn’t about replying though, it’s about posting to a limited group. The value in this may be subtle, but if you think about it for a minute, it can be useful. For instance, do you just want to reach your superfans? Put them all in a flock and you’ve now personalized the experience just for them.

Maybe use a flock for just people who purchased your merch? Or if that list gets too large, just certain types of merch.

The fact of the matter is that most artists use Instagram or TikTok these days as their main social platform since that’s where their fans are. If Twitter is the place where you spend the most time, Flocks might be something that you’ll find useful.

It’s still in beta though, and there’s no timetable as to when it will be rolled out.

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