Distrokid Launching New DistroVid Video Distribution Platform

Distrokid launches video distribution service DistroVid post on the Music 3.0 blog

Just like your music, you want your videos to be available on every video platform. What you don’t want is the lengthy hassle of individually uploading a video to each platform. Although there are some services that do that now (Symphonic, Vidispine), most are pretty expensive, especially if you’re uploading multiple videos. Music distribution platform Distrokid (my favorite, by the way) is currently soft-launching a new video distribution service called DistroVid that may be just what every indie artist and band is looking for.

DistroVid will distribute videos to Apple Music, Vevo, Amazon Music and Tidal, and presumably others after the service leaves beta for full release. Artists will be able to upload an unlimited amount of music videos to various platforms and keep 100% of their earnings.

Since this is a beta launch, there’s not that much information about it, and some of what is available is either contradictory or nebulous. For instance, on the homepage it says that the price will be $129 per year, while on the What Is page it says $99 per year.

While it doesn’t specifically indicate that YouTube will also be a distribution choice on some of its pages, it gives instructions on what will work for YouTube in a FAQ. Such is the nature of a beta launch.

The service also offers the option to distribute to its DistroVid Gallery, which is a collection of all music videos. This is an extra charge of $49 per year, and extra slots can be claimed if you’re willing to pay for each of them.

Like I said, there are other platforms that will upload your videos to various video platforms, but they cost a lot more that DistroVid will cost. This is something worth paying attention to, as I’m sure we’ll get a lot more details before it officially launches.

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