December 2, 2022

Social Key Performance Indicators You Should Be Tracking

If you’re an artist then you’re probably on at least 3 or 4 social platforms, but it’s sometimes difficult to understand if you’re actually getting any traction or not. That’s why you should be looking at what social managers call Key Performance Indicators (KPIs for short) on each one. It’s a quick way to tell if you’re posts are doing anything or you’re just spinning your wheels. Here are the KPI’s for each platform.

Social Key Performance Indicators


You might think that the number of followers are what gives you social juice, but the KPI’s are actually Reach/Impressions, Likes, Video Views, Clicks, Comments and Shares.


Yes, Video Views are still a good KPI to track on YouTube, but Watch Time and Engagements are even better.


This is a platform where the target keeps moving thanks to Meta (Instagram’s parent company) constantly changing what it thinks users want to see. As a result, the platform seems to be slowing circling the drain. Look for more changes soon, but in the meantime,KPI’s include Reach/Impressions, Video Views, and Post Interactions.


Again, Video Views is an important KPI, but Total Play Time might be more important. Also worth checking are Engagements and Hashtag Performance.


Putting aside the decision of whether it’s worth it to be on the platform for a moment, important KPI’s include Impressions, Engagements, Link Clicks and Profile Visits. I’m not sure that this was ever a great platform for artists, as even the celebrities with seemingly huge followings were propped up with fake accounts.


Although the platform isn’t really where most artists and bands find an audience, it can be useful for making music industry contacts. KPI’s include Impressions, Downloads, Engagements and Engagement Rate.

You can read more about Key Performance Indicators in greater detail here. I bet you’ll be surprised after you watch some of these KPIs for a while.

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