Increase Your Social Engagement With These 5 Tips

It’s one thing to post on any social platform, but it’s another to have people engage with those posts. We know that its typical to get only 1 to 2% of your followers to comment, like or share one of your posts if you’re lucky, but we can raise that social engagement by using these 5 tips from Angie Gensler.

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1 – Include An Image

It’s well known that posts that include an image get 2.3 times the engagement of a text-only post, yet some artists, bands and musicians never seem to get the message. Instead of just posting your thoughts, it might be better to think about the image first, then craft the text around it.

2 – Ask Questions

Almost any kind of question will get a response, as most of us have an opinion that we’re all too willing to share. It does’t have to be a deep philosophical question and it doesn’t have to relate to your music. Sometimes a quick question about breakfast food or a yes/no on vinyl will up your engagement.

3 – Use Hashtags

Hashtag use will help people find your post, exposing you to a new audience. Make sure you research an appropriate hashtag first though, as a vanity one like “ihatemysupermarket” probably won’t work too well.

4 – Share Inspirational Content

There’s so much negativity online that people really appreciate a post that uplifting. Use it with an image and you’re way ahead of the game.

5 – Celebrate Holidays

People generally don’t engage with social media much on a holiday, but they will be more than happy to give a like to “Happy New Year,” or a similar holiday celebration.

On social platforms, the name of the game is engagement. Give these 5 tips a try and you’ll soon see your social engagement increasing.

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