TikTok New Work With Artists Test Could Mean More Exposure

You have to hand it to TikTok – the company is definitely proactive, especially when it comes to music artists. According to a post by¬†musician Jonah Manzano yesterday, the company is testing a new feature called Work With Artists that allows users to make money by using an artist’s music in their videos.

TikTok Work With Artists

Understand that Work With Artists is not something that TikTok even acknowledges yet, but it has been seen out in the wild, as you can see from the screen shot above. As you can see, it invites users to “Pick a paid music task you’re interest in,” then “Create a video with that song and post it.” “The more likes, shares and views you get, the more you earn!”

Like I said, there are no details yet, but it looks like the artist chooses the song, the reward amount and the duration of the campaign. In the example below the the Top 1 of the leaderboard makes $120, Top 2-3 makes $112, and Top 4-6 $105 per person. This could obviously get pretty pricey for the artist, but it could possibly be worth it if it leads to greater exposure.

TikTok Work With Artists leader board

TikTok has a great track record for breaking artists lately, although most tend to be 1-hit wonders that fade away as quickly as their hit song. The hope is that TikTok will gain exposure for the song, which will then lead users to Spotify to listen to the full version. This is where the artist actually makes money, since the payouts on TikTok are even worse than YouTube.

Obviously this feature doesn’t pay enough to will attract influencers, but it can be worthwhile on a grass-roots level. Like I said, there are no real details yet from TikTok, so it appears to be just a test with a few artists. It seems like a good idea though, so we hope to see more about this from the company in the future.

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