Ai Graphics Generators For Artists And Musicians

If you’re like me and you’re graphically-challenged, there are times when you need something fast and can’t wait for a real graphics person to turn it around. Or you don’t know what you want and would like to experiment a little. In either case, there are many Ai graphics generators that can come to your rescue. Here’s a quick list of some of the more popular ones available.

Ai Graphics Generators
Created with Craiyon

Midjourney. This Ai seems to get the most press but can be tricky to get what you want. As with all Ai’s, it’s all the prompt.

Stable Diffusion XL, the latest version of another popular graphics Ai.

DALL-E2, yet another popular graphics Ai, this time by the same company responsible for ChatGPT.

Craiyon is coming on fast, mostly because of its ease of use.

Fotor has a lot of different areas that it specializes in. This link goes to its album cover generator, something that many artists can use immediately.

Nightcafe is a an easy interface that allows you to access several versions of Stable Diffusion (including XL) as well as DALL-E.

IMGCreator is another alternative user interface to Stable Diffusion aimed at ease-of-use.

Cleanup is a quick way to remove unwanted objects from photos. Nothing to download, you can do it right in your browser.

Lexica specializes in images that look like art pieces.

Illustroke specializes in generating vector illustrations from a text prompt.

Hotpot provides a host of Ai graphics tools, including text-to-graphics prompting, upscaling photos, object removal, enhancing faces, restoring old photos, and more.

StockIMG allows you to make marketing graphics images, select stock Ai images, create icons and backgrounds, and more.

StockAI provides free stock Ai images to choose from.

There are many more Ai graphics generators available, and more coming online all the time. The ones listed above are some of the most popular and diverse. As you can see, some just provide a different interface for a popular Ai engine, which gives them a better interface at the expense of speed.

Many offer a free tier, but for the highest resolution and different size options, a monthly subscription is required.

Finally, in most cases the results you get are based upon how skillfully you’ve constructed your prompt, something that we’ll get into in depth in a future post.

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