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A Look At The 7 Core Principles For The Future Of AI Music

7 core principles for AI music's future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hot topic of conversation in technology these days, and because of all the hype, it’s rightfully scaring musicians, artists, bands, managers, and even labels everywhere. “Who owns the copyright?” “Will a machine get paid instead of me?” “Will AI write better tunes than me?” These are questions that many of […]

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The Junk Fee Protection Act: A Breath of Fresh Air For Concert-Goers

The Junk Fee Protection Act

Over the years, consumers have been increasingly frustrated by the so-called “junk fees” added to the cost of concerts, and all events for that matter. These fees often come in the form of service charges, processing fees, and facility charges, which significantly inflates the ticket prices beyond face value. The issue had reached such proportions […]

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