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The 5th Edition Of The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook Is Now Available At A Special Price

The Mixing Engineer's Handbook 5th edition is now available - post on Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog

I’m really pleased to announce that the The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook 5th edition is now available, and at a special introductory price. Mixing continues to evolve and this latest version reflects all the recent changes in our technology and studio operating methods. What’s New Some of the brand new topics include: Three new mix build […]

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Record Store Day With Larry Jaffee, Women In Music, And Digital Drugs Delivered By Sound On My Latest Podcast

Larry Jaffee with his book Record Store Day on Episode 415 of Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast

My guest on the podcast this week is Larry Jaffee, who’s going to take us behind the scenes of the biggest vinyl selling day of the year, Record Store Day. Larry has been editor in chief of several magazines and websites covering the media and marketing businesses, including Medialine, which specialized in physical music product. […]

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Mixer Gary Lux, NFTs For Indie Artists, And The Musical Instrument Revolution On My Latest Podcast

Mixer Gary Lux on Episode 414 of Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast

My guest on the podcast this week is Gary Lux, who is one of Hollywood’s premier music mixers with literally thousands of projects to his credit. Before stepping out on his own, Gary was the head music mixer for Universal Studios, where he earned two Emmy Award nominations for his work with The Jacksons, and […]

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Positive Grid’s Laura Whitmore, Deceiving 2021 Music Revenue Numbers, And The End Of The Effects Pedal On My Latest Podcast

Positive Grid's Laura Whitmore on Episode 413 of Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast

My guest on the podcast this week is Laura Whitmore, who started her career in the direct marketing department of CBS Records before a 20 year stint as the marketing director for Korg USA. There she was instrumental in marketing, PR and artist relations for the Korg, Marshall, and VOX brands as well as editor […]

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Tour Music Director Hayden Maringer, TikTok Becomes A Music Distributor, And Vacuum Tubes Get Scarce On My Latest Podcast

Hayden Maringer is the guest on Episode 412 of Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast

My guest on the podcast this week is Hayden Maringer, who has performed countless shows and tours all over the world working with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, The Band Perry, Carrie Underwood, and many more.  Hayden established himself as a music director and guitarist, but also as an actor, working as the […]

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Spotify Playlist Hijacking Is Another Blow To Artists Trying To Make Money

Spotify playlist hijacking post on the Music 3.0 blog

As if it wasn’t already hard enough to make money from Spotify plays, there’s yet another impediment to indie artists making an honest buck on the platform – playlist hijacking. Imagine that you have a playlist that you painstakingly curated, selecting each song purposefully and carefully, when all of a sudden a song that you […]

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