Music Industry News Roundup For The Week Of 3/31/17

Music Industry News Roundup Here’s the Music Industry News Roundup for the week ending on March 31st, 2017. There is less news about streaming than in past weeks, but there’s still lot of very interesting items nonetheless. Let’s get into it.

New music is cool, but it’s old music that sells. The weekly Top 50 is only worth less than 4% of the total music revenue pie, and gets most of the audio and video streams.

Warner Records just launched a vinyl-only label. The difference is that all the releases are selected by fans.

Whatever happened to Generation X? They joined the ranks of the Baby Boomers, that’s what. Interesting story of the transition here.

We’ve said it before, Pandora is in trouble. The problem is that the major labels aren’t too thrilled with the prospect as they might have been before.

5 ways Spotify is gaining leverage over the major labels. It needs all the leverage it can get because it still also needs those new label licensing deals.

Can Snapchat change the music business? I have my doubts, but this article thinks it’s possible.

Every hear of a record store crawl? There’s one coming to New York City in April and 11 more cities during the summer.

A battle is shaping up at the US Copyright Office. And it could have a big affect on the music business.

iHeartRadio now has more than 100 million users. Doesn’t matter, the company still has big financial problems.

Sad to say, but music education appears now to be only for the white and wealthy. With all the money spent on other things that are frivolous in the grand scheme of things, you’d think that there’d be a little money for something so essential.


That’s the Music News Roundup of what went on in the music industry last week. Have a great week ahead!

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