March 30, 2017

6 Tips To Improve Your YouTube Video Search Results

YouTube video search resultsVideos on any platform can be used as an effective marketing tool, but you must observe some essential SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, techniques for that to happen. Before you go live on a video, here are 5 tips that will improve its search results:

1. Name your video something descriptive. “” is not descriptive at all, so your video will never get added by the search engines, and your fans won’t find it. “The Unsigned Band At the Cavern Club” is much better.

2. Make sure that your description contains the same phrase as your title. For example, “This video features The Unsigned Band at the Cavern Club on January 9, 2017.” A title like “Here’s our band at the Cavern Club” wouldn’t be as effective, because it omits the keyword “The Unsigned Band.” Make sure that you also use this phrase in the description as well.

3. Make sure that you fill out the description. The more detail contained in the video description, the more search engines will love it. That means you should include a brief summary of what the video is about, who’s in the video (including band members and actors), and the names of the director, producers (video and recording), songwriters and everyone else involved. If someone does a search for any of these people, having them listed in the description will make your video show up in the search results. It’s tough to do sometimes, but make sure the description contains anywhere from 75 to 200 or even more.

4. Always include a link. Make sure to include a link to your website and or social media in the description. Make sure that it includes the full “http://” at the front so the link will be active. And don’t forget the contact info so someone can get in touch with you if they need to.

5. Use the proper tags. Not only should the artist name be included, but also any similar artists, the type of music, and even the mood of the song will help the video to be found during a search.

6. Include the name of the original artist when doing a cover song. Cover songs are a good way to get an artist noticed on YouTube, but the song selection, performance, the title and proper tagging play a big part in its popularity.

Remember, the more text the body of your description has, the more likely it will be found by a search engine and the better your search results will be. A hundred words works well, but so could 500, so don’t feel that you have to limit yourself.

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