Music Industry News Roundup For The Week Of 5/12/17

Music Industry News Roundup Here’s the Music Industry News Roundup for the week ending on May 12th, 2017. There’s a lot of news in the streaming world this week, and most of it is not good. It looks like we may see some shaking out in the next year or so, but it could start within the next 30 days. Let’s get into it.

Pandora seems to be desperate to sell. And it’s trying to make it happen in the next 30 days.

iHeartRadio might not make it past the next year. The debt load is just too large. Everyone saw this one coming, but it could rewrite the face of corporate radio and what you hear on a day to day basis.

Music streaming needs to get easier to grow. Or that’s what this exec claims. I don’t know, it’s pretty easy now and just making everything voice activated doesn’t seem to solve much.

Spotify for 50% off? If you’re a Capitol One card holder that’s the case thanks to this new partnership between the two companies.

The many ways songwriters are getting screwed globally and what has to change to fix it. A pretty good piece here, although a bit slanted.

The balance of power has changed in the music business. And it doesn’t always reside with people in the business.

Music festivals are going geek. And they seem to be a natural pair.

Don’t always believe those artist streaming numbers. Fans are finding ways to game the system.

Amazon is getting into live events. Amazon Prime Events is being tried in the UK.

The Prince Estate may have to give Universal its money back. It appears the estate doesn’t have all the rights to the artists albums as they claimed. It will cost it $31 million.

That’s the Music News Roundup of what went on in the music industry last week. Have a great week ahead!

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