Music Industry News Roundup For The Week Of 6/2/17

Music Industry News Roundup Here’s the Music Industry News Roundup for the week ending on June 2nd, 2017. This week isn’t so much about blockbuster news as it is about trends in the industry, especially streaming. I’m not so sure that all the trends are in the right direction, though. Let’s get into it.

Drake beat a copyright infringement lawsuit. This is the first suit to actually go in the artist’s favor for a long time.

Big data is transforming music and the charts. More than ever, labels know how people consume music and what they prefer. I’m not so sure this is a good thing in the long run. Seems like it will only make music more homogenized.

The streaming service that you never heard of that has 20 million users. Oh, and it’s also a record label. Could this be a model for the future for other streaming services?

What’s the most popular streaming service. According to this index, it’s not Spotify (although that does have the most stickiness).

But this study has the streaming leaders differently. It looks at most active monthly users, and it’s no surprise who leads.

YouTube isn’t paying songwriters very much. So what else is new? This is a good article if you haven’t read anything like this before, but it’s mostly the same old same old otherwise.

Spotify is expanding into Vietnam and Thailand. I bet you thought it was already up and running in these countries already. It actually takes more work than you’d think to launch in almost any locality.

Festivals want shorter sets for artists. Unless you’re the headliner, prepare for as little as 2o minutes before you’re off. Will this start an artist backlash? I hope so.

Taylor Swift’s label is launching its own line of vodka. Big Machine, which Taylor partially owns, will be selling its own premium spirits soon. No enough money in the music business?

That’s the Music News Roundup of what went on in the music industry last week. Have a great week ahead!

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