August 9, 2018

7 Ideas To Attract More People To Your Merch Table

Merch Table ideas on the Music 3.0 BlogSelling merch is essential to artists and bands today, maybe more so than ever. The problem is that not only does it take a lot of thought and effort to come up with the appropriate products, but the same amount of thought and effort is needed when it comes to selling them as well. Here are 7 ideas from SonicBids about how to bring more people to your merch table.

1. Add a visual hook that draws people in. It’s really easy to overlook a table with some branded T-shirts and mugs set up on it. You need something to draw them there. A banner or a quirky item or piece of mech might do the trick.

2. Keep your branding current. As your vibe changes, make sure that your branding follows suit.

3. Get a prime location for your merch table. Just like real estate, it’s location, location, location when it comes to your merch table as well. The best place? A high-traffic area where attendees will have to walk past several times.

4. Create an online merch store. This is pretty easy these days, but it’s pretty necessary to boost your sales for the people that want to buy something, but don’t want to carry it around. Give them a chance to purchase later online.

5. Have the right person man the merch table. This one may be tough because musicians by and large hate doing this, but it’s one of the secrets to merch success. Have someone there who’s wearing the product, knows a lot about it, and is friendly and enthusiastic.

6. It’s part of the job title. There’s more than just coming to play anymore. It’s part of a musician’s job to hang out at the table before and after your set. Just this one step can increase sales substantially.

7. Have a variety of different priced items. You may make more on the high-priced T-shirt, but having some lower priced products that are impulse buys are better for your bottom line and expanding your brand.

Artist and band merch is now a huge part of an artist or band’s income, but you have to treat it seriously in order to reap its benefits.

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