December 3, 2018

Buying A Bot For More Spotify Or SoundCloud Streams Is Still Easy

streaming music bot on the Music 3.0 BlogYou’d think that after all the recent uproar¬†it would more difficult to buy a bot to manipulate an artist’s Spotify or SoundCloud streams, but that’s not the case, as Hypebot points out. As the article states, “Some bots are run by commercial services¬†selling guaranteed streams. Others come from developers like somiibo which offers bots for Spotify, Soundcloud alongside bots that deliver likes and followers Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media services.”

Here’s an example of a marketing video on YouTube for Spotify plays.

What’s even more amazing is this streaming farm, with hundreds of phone connected together streaming music.

Apparently companies that develop streaming music bots are more difficult to stop than previously thought. Don’t be tempted into using one though, as most labels can usually see through any stream gaming and will discount large streaming counts from one location with no collateral social media. And if you’re just doing it to earn more money, you may not earn enough to pay for the bot. Plus, you might even get your account terminated.

Check out Hypebot for additional videos and detail.

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