Warner Bros Has A New Name And Logo

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Warners the record label has been referred to by many names over the years and it’s been hard to keep up. Warner Bros Records, Warner Music, Warner Music Group, WMG – we all knew who it was but the official name could be confusing. Plus, was the company related to Warner Pictures? When someone said Warners were they referring to the motion picture company or the record label? That won’t happen going forward as the company has changed its name to Warner Records, a name most people in the industry called it anyway.

The change also brought a new logo (seen on the right).

Warner Bros Records was founded 1958 as a division of Warner Bros. Pictures and both shared the same logo since. When the division was sold in 2004 to a group of investors led by Edgar Bronfman Jr, it was stipulated in the agreement that the name wouldn’t change for 15 years. That time is now up so a new updated name and logo were in order. The company was acquired by Len Blavatnik‚Äôs Access Industries in 2011.

Warner Records publishing arm Warner Chappell Music also underwent a recent minor rebranding as well.

Add to the fact that Warner Records recently moved from buildings close the Warner Pictures lot in Burbank to a brand new state-of-the-art facility in hot downtown Los Angeles, and the label has undergone a sort of rebirth.

You can watch the trailer for the new Warner Records name here. The company also has a new revamped website as well.

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