The 10 Rules Of Personal Networking

10 rules of personal networking on the Music 3.0 blogRegardless of how much talent you may have, unless someone hears about what you’re doing you’ll end up creating in your bedroom your whole life. One of the keys to getting ahead for many of us is by networking. While this comes easy and natural for some, others find it unbelievably difficult, but you might not find it so challenging after reading following list from my book The Music Business Advice BookIt provides an outline for effective personal networking.

The 10 rules are:

1. Go places where you can meet players or people who can help.

2. Keep it casual and don’t come off like a stalker.

3. Be memorable.

4. Ask a lot of questions.

5. Keep it about them, not you.

6. Have a business card ready, but only give it out when asked.

7. Ask for their card.

8. Know what to ask for if the opportunity arises.

9. Follow up, but don’t pitch.

10. Only pitch if they respond.

By the way, Johannes Ripken has provided an expanded explanation on the personal networking tips above along with some excellent examples on his site. Check it out.

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