December 8, 2021

10 Ideas For TikTok Videos For Artists

10 Ideas For TikTok Videos post on the Music 3.0 Blog

Many artists and musicians want to create content for TikTok, but they’re confused about what to do. If you think that the platform is just for silly dances and memes, you’re wrong. There are plenty of TikTok videos that will work. They may not go viral, but if engagement with your fans is the objective, they’ll get the job done.

This Is Not YouTube

On YouTube we’re used to polished videos, many with high production values. TikTok is just the opposite. Lo-fi content thrives on the platform, and that’s what’s expected.

It’s also a place where any kind of content can be popular, not just dance videos.

Best of all, there’s no one right way to do it. There are no rules, just show up (although you might want to take a look at the platform’s Business Manager first).

With that in mind, here are some ideas to get started.

Idea #1 – Introduce Yourself

Authenticity on the platform is so important, maybe more so than any other social network. That’s why a simple Meet Me video can go a long way to establishing who you really are. Try using the hashtags #meetme and #introduceyourself.

Idea #2 – Your Studio Tour

Everyone likes to show off their studio and everyone likes to see what others are using. A tour around your studio or rehearsal room will do just that. Make sure you include not only all the audio gear, but music gear as well. You can even point out any acoustic treatment that you’re using.

Idea #3 – Give A Quick Tip

We’ve all learned things where the light bulb came on and we had a revelation. Other people want that too and your tip might be just the thing to flip that switch. What to post? Sometimes something that seems mundane to you is gold to someone else. A tip for changing strings? A mic placement technique? A tip when speaking with a booking agent? Inquiring minds want to know.

Idea #4 – Boxing Or Unboxing

Are you sending off some merch that someone just purchased? Show the boxing procedure. Not only does it promote your product, but it shows that you care how someone receives it. Likewise, when you get a new piece of gear, or maybe your latest vinyl release, an unboxing video can be a real killer.

Idea #5 – Show Your Products

Speaking of merch, sometimes a short video showing everything that you have available can be very effective. How about a new release? You can show both the digital product via a screen shot along with the physical product if you have it.

Idea #6 – Show Before And After

This is really good to show the development of a song. You can contrast all the phases of creation, or just some of them. From coming up with the germ of the idea, to working out the arrangement, to rehearsing it with a band, to mixing, to mastering, it will make for an interesting journey.

Idea #7 – Respond To A Comment

Responding to a comment via a video can be very effective, but probably isn’t the best thing if it’s negative (spray water on the flame war before it starts). Responding to a positive comment with another positive is a great way to shout out to your audience though. To do this: go to your comment section, click on the question you want to respond to, click on the red camera icon on the left, and start recording.

Idea #8 – Share A Testimonial

A testimonial establishes trust and authority. Invite fans who really love your music, shows or merch to share their opinions.

Idea #9 – Answer FAQs

Do you often get questions like, “What does your band name mean?” Or “How did you come up with the name?” or “How long did it take you to record (an album or song)?” A video is a great place to answer those frequently asked questions, so maybe you won’t get them as often afterwards.

Idea #10 – Show Off Your Website

Maybe you just finished updating your website to a brand new spiffy theme and would like everyone to see it. Maybe you added some sections that are really helpful, like a booking section or press section. Let the world know with a video.

These are just some ideas for effective TikTok videos. Will they go viral? Most likely not, but then again, that’s the case will most all TikTok videos. The main idea is to engagement with your fans and make new ones, and the above ideas area good place to start.

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