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December 14, 2022

5 Types Of Easy YouTube Videos To Improve Your Presence

Many musicians, artists and bands get stymied when it’s time to post YouTube videos other than those that are directly music-related. That said, there are a number of types of videos that you can easily create without the hassle of a big production. Here are 5 that you can probably make with no problem right now. When you make them, remember that it’s always better to show instead of tell, and always use your brand colors if you have them.

5 types of YouTube videos

1. Gear Spotlight Videos

What kind of gear do you use and why did you choose it? You might think this is boring and mundane but both fans and gear heads love it. Most gear has a story behind it that goes all the way from “I saved up for years to purchase it,” to “I can’t even remember how I got it, but I tried it one day and it was magic.”

2. How To Videos

Once again, people find how you do what you do fascinating since everyone has a different take on the same exercise. This could be anything from how you change your strings, hire a roadie, plan a tour, or handle your mail list.

3. Frequently Asked Questions Videos

If you’re an artist or band, you probably get the same questions over and over. These can range from “How did you guys get started?” to “Who parties the hardest?” Even musicians who are less in the limelight ofter get questions that go from “How long have you been playing?” to “How do you get your gigs?” You could probably build a list of questions in no time and the answers will certainly fill a video (or maybe two).

4. Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Everybody loves to look behind the scenes. These videos could include watching you write or arrange a song, to playing in the studio, to what happens backstage before and after a gig.

5. Meet The Team

Every artist or band has a team and fans are always curious who they are. Road crew, attorney, booking agent, club owner who books you a lot, manager, accountant – they all have a story about how they serve you, even if it’s short. It’s up to you to tell it.

Like much of social media, making YouTube videos can feel like it takes way too long if you don’t have a plan. Video creation has a way of sneaking up on you when you’re not prepared. Schedule your content production out in advance so you know when you’re going to make them, and when you’re going to post them, and you’ll have the YouTube presence you want with the least amount of hassle.

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