Amazon Music Makes Marketing On The Platform Easier With Hype Deck

In the ever-evolving landscape of music marketing, Amazon Music has taken a step forward with the introduction of Hype Deck. This new feature, which was just launched in January, may be a game-changer for artists and their teams as they can now more easily engage fans globally with customizable marketing assets. Let’s take a look at how Hype Deck can be used for music promotion on the platform.

Hype Deck Hype Cards

Available on both the mobile and web versions of the Amazon Music for Artists app, Hype Deck is designed to help artists market their music assets to a wider audience. Whether you want to promote a newly released song, announce an upcoming album, or celebrate landing on a playlist, Hype Deck makes it easier to get the word out, then link to your content on the Amazon Music service.

This feature is being extended to all artists, so you don’t have to worry about not being a superstar to take advantage of it. Not only that, access to Hype Deck can granted to anyone on an artist’s team, including label or distributor representatives who manage the artist’s profile in Amazon Music for Artists.

Hype Cards For A Personalized Approach

Hype Deck’s main feature is the Hype Card, which allows you to customize it to suit your brand as you’re able to choose the background colors, layout orientations, and the language used. Currently the feature offers support for English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Not only that, there are several types of Hype Cards available. Song Hype Cards are specifically designed to announce a new release that has either just happened or is upcoming, or even highlight a track from an older album. Album Hype Cards are basically the same but used to promote a new album release.

The Playlist Hype Card is there to help you announce when one of your songs lands on a playlist. Artists can select from nearly 170 global Amazon music playlists, including Rap Rotation, Country Heat, Breakthrough, All Hits, Viral Hits, Pop Culture, and more, to target their promotions effectively.

Keep in mind that Hype Cards are meant to be used on other social platforms, and when clicked will take the viewer directly to your music on Amazon Music.

The following video from Amazon Music explains how to activate Hype Deck.

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