5 Excellent Ideas For Promoting Your Music After It’s Released

It’s one thing to have a big promotional campaign for a new release, but after a song or album has been out there for awhile we all tend to forget that there’s still promotion we can do to help it along. Benjamin Groff actually has 50 ideas for doing just that, but I really liked his first 5 for promoting your music after it’s released.

Promoting your music after it's been released

“1. Create and Release Remixes, Acoustic Versions, Chill Versions, Featured Guest Artist versions of your most popular songs. NOTE: This might not just be muting your drums and adding an acoustic guitar. To really do this it likely means a whole other arrangement/recording. Do it! There’s tons of different playlists for every worthwhile version of your song you can think of.

      2. Run a Remix Contest … release the stems from your session to the electronic / remix community.

      3. Upload a Splice Pack of Sounds / Samples used to make your song / album.

      4. Do a Video Tutorial – Behind The Scenes on the components of your songs ala Charlie Puth “Attention” https://youtu.be/IU8BEMi8UyM

      5. Monitor your metrics and see which songs are showing “signs of life.” And “Signs of Life” means – singles that are reacting on with a Spotify with a User / Stream ratio of 3.0 or over. That means that for every 1 user – the song is being listened to 3 times. Meaning – it’s being played over and over again. Why do you want to know this? It’s worth alerting your Digital Distributor that a song is reacting – so they can help support playlist pitching! Also this is a helpful metric to know, if you are dialoguing directly with editorial curators at Spotify.”

      There are two separate ideas here. If there’s a song that’s getting traction, one or more of these tips can help it get more exposure. Then, if you have a song that you felt underperformed when it was first released, this is a way to breathe new life into it with a second release.

      Thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing can really make a difference in almost any kind of launch. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but at least some of the ideas are worth a try, especially if you believe in the song.

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