The 10 Best TV Shows For Synchs Right Now

It wasn’t all that long ago that artists and songwriters weren’t even aware of the alternative revenue source that came from TV and film placements of their songs. Now the cat is out of the bag and just about anyone who can write a song is trying to get their music on a show. It’s not as easy as it might seem, and there’s more competition than ever, but if you’re lucky enough to be handed a placement it could change your career. But what shows to aim for? Billboard recently ran an article that determined the best TV shows for synchs today, and here are the top 10 from that list.

The 10 best TV shows for synchs

First, you’re probably wondering how Billboard determined something that seems so hard to quantify. Says the magazine, “Billboard has put together its first-ever list of the most valuable shows for placing song synchs — in terms of the results they produce after airing, not in terms of licensing payouts. We determined our rankings based on cultural impact, demonstrable streaming success and data from Billboard‘s Tunefind-powered Top TV Songs chart — and perhaps most importantly, on testimony from the folks in music publishing whose job it is to place their artists’ songs on shows. . .”

Here we go.

10. You – Netflix

9. The White Lotus – HBO

8. Yellowjackets – Showtime

7. Wednesday – Netflix

6. The Summer I Turned Pretty – Amazon

5. The Last Of Us – HBO

4. The Bear – Netflix

3. Yellowstone – Paramount Network

2. Stranger Things – Netflix

1. Euphoria – HBO

I can honestly say that I’ve never seen any of these shows, but obviously I’m in the minority. I do find it interesting that none are traditional network TV shows, which you would think would be prime for synchs, but network shows no longer have any cultural cache and that was a big part of why the shows were chosen for the list.

It’s also interesting how Netflix and HBO shows dominated the list, which makes sense since the two networks probably have greater market penetration than the others.

The good news is that there are more opportunities for synchs than ever before, even with the continued cutbacks in TV show production. The other good news is that there are better education sources available to learn how that world operates. The bad news is that there’s also more competition than ever before, but that’s the music world we live in today.

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