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If One Artist Dominates Vinyl Sales, Does That Still Mean The Industry Is Doing Well?

vinyl album sales

It seems that every year a new modern-day vinyl sales record is being reported, which is a great sign for a music industry that could use more physical sales. The problem is, if one artist dominates those sales does that really mean that the vinyl industry is doing well? Music industry tracking company Luminate looked […]

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December 22, 2023

Can Songwriter Points Catch On?

songwriter points

Songwriters today have it a lot tougher than previously, thanks to streaming. While artists aren’t making a whole lot per stream, songwriters only make about 20% of that, and chances are it’s split with a publisher. Now a number of small labels have pledged to offer songwriter points, or a royalty derived from the master […]

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December 21, 2023

Episode 500 Celebration With Engineer Dennis Moody, TikTok Artist Accounts, And Samsung-Google Immersive Audio

Dennis Moody - Episode 500

Can you believe that it’s Episode #500 of my Podcast? To celebrate I have my very first guest from Episode 1, engineer Dennis Moody. Dennis is one of the few engineers who’s as comfortable in a recording studio as he is in a live concert setting. Likewise, he’s just as comfortable mixing a rock, R&B, […]

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December 8, 2023

Top Songs On TikTok For 2023

Top songs on TikTok 2023

Like many social platforms, TikTok provides a lot of year-end information that if nothing else, shows you what trended during the year. One of the best categories of these trends were the top top songs on TikTok during the year. It’s broken out for both the United States and Global. See how many songs you […]

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