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The U.S. Is Still One Of Only 4 Countries That Doesn’t Pay Artists For Radio Airplay

US doesn't pay for radio airplay image

I was looking over this post from about 4 years ago and I was stunned that so little progress has been made on this front. The importance of radio may be declining, but it’s still a big part of some artist’s success, especially on a superstar level. Did you know that no artist has ever […]

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Why Record Labels Hate Free Streaming Tiers So Much

Labels hate free streaming tiers on the Music 3.0 blog

If you were to poll record label execs off-the-record on which music streaming service they like the most in a strictly business-sense, chances are that Apple Music would end up as the clear winner. Why? Apple has steadfastly refused to institute a free ad-driven tier. Even though labels, artists, songwriters and publishers realize revenue from […]

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Would You Pull Your Music Off The Radio?

pull music off radio

Almost from the beginning of the industry, recording artists have complained about not being compensated for radio airplay. Sure, songwriters get paid, but artists and labels never receive a dime. This is a phenomena unique to the United States, since in most other countries artist compensation has long been settled. While legislation to pay artists […]

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