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Spotify And Nielsen Deal Could Mean More Money For Artists

Nielsen Digital Brand Effect on the Music 3.0 Blog

One of the things that’s most valuable to artists, management and labels is the demographic information of exactly who is listening. In these days of targeted advertising, the more we know about an audience the better we can serve them. While artists really need this info, the fact of the matter is that advertisers might […]

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Online Radio Has A Data Problem That Few Are Talking About

radio data PPM on the Music 3.0 blog

Streaming my be the future for distributing music, but radio is still a big player in making hits. While so much about how music radio works seems dated, the fact is that people still listen, and advertisers still support it. Surprisingly, that’s not so much the case with online radio, and it all revolves around […]

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If You Want To Reach Music Fans, Go To Instagram

Instagram logo

Nielsen has just completed a study analyzing the habits and lifestyles of U.S. music listeners on Instagram, and the results show that if you want want to reach music lovers, that’s one of the best platforms to use for promotion. What was determined? First of all, Instagram users are huge music fans, and show it with their […]

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Music Industry News Roundup #5

Here’s the music industry news roundup from the last week. There’s much more diverse news than previous weeks, but streaming continues to dominate the conversation. Taylor Swift is the highest earning celebrity. The thing is, she didn’t get that way from selling music. She learned early that it’s the brand that sells. Elizabeth Warren has it in […]

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