August 2, 2018

The 10 Rules Of Personal Networking

10 rules of personal networking on the Music 3.0 blogRegardless of how much talent you may have, unless someone hears about what you’re doing you’ll end up creating in your bedroom your whole life. One of the keys to getting ahead for many of us is by networking. While this comes easy and natural for some, others find it unbelievably difficult, but you might not find it so challenging after reading following list from my upcoming book The Music Business Advice BookIt provides an outline for effective social networking. They 10 rules are:

1. Go places where you can meet players or people who can help.

2. Keep it casual and don’t come off as a stalker.

3. Be memorable.

4. Ask a lot of questions.

5. Keep it about them, not you.

6. Have a business card ready, but only give it out when asked.

7. Ask for their card.

8. Know what to ask for if the opportunity arises.

9. Follow up, but don’t pitch.

10. Only pitch if they respond.

The Music Business Advice Book cover on the Music 3.0 blogThe Music Business Advice Book is a compilation of 150 quotes by over 130 top music pros that have appeared on my Inner Circle Podcast over the last 4 years.You’ll find sage words of wisdom on topics like:

• how to follow your passion without selling your soul

• learning to network and why it’s critical to finding work

• determining what you’re worth and how to charge for it

• developing the right attitude and why it’s the big key to getting ahead

• discovering the most crucial aspects of your music business

• getting paid from both clients and companies

• keeping ownership of your own content

• and even some production tips

The book will be available on August 7th, but you can pre-order in a electronic Kindle format for just $0.99!

The insights in The Music Business Advice Book will not only be essential for those new to the music industry, but valuable to seasoned pros as well. Whether you’re a musician, artist, in a band, engineer, producer, songwriter or music exec, there’s something in the book for everyone.

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