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7 Best Practices For Using Facebook Live

Facebook Live logo on the Music 3.0 Blog

Facebook Live is a boon to artists and bands everywhere who want to reach their Facebook fans. That said, there are some best practices in using the platform, according to Facebook’s Media Blog. Here’s what they suggest: 1. Alert friends and followers in advance about plans to broadcast live, in order to build up anticipation. 2. Ensure […]

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December 20, 2018

10 Basic Concepts For Success In Today’s Music Business

Music business concepts on the Music 3.0 Blog

Much has changed in the music industry over the last few years that affect an artist’s ability to be successful. Some of it is brand new and a result of the technology we use, while some of it is good common sense that’s been used over and over over many decades of the business. Here […]

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December 6, 2018

5 Ways To Take The Pulse Of Your Fans

fanbase pulse image on the Music 3.0 Blog

Your core fans, or your “tribe,” as uber-marketer Seth Godin calls them, crave your communication. But communication is a two-way street, and the artist must be just as willing to listen to his or her tribe as talk at them. This excerpt from the Music 4.0 Internet music guidebook shows 5 ways that you can check the pulse of the tribe to better […]

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November 8, 2018

Want More People At Your Gigs? Don’t Be Afraid To Send Gig Reminder Emails

Gig Reminder Emails on the Music 3.0 Blog

Artists and bands need to make their fan base aware of any upcoming gigs. A single email isn’t enough to get the word out, but many artists are afraid to send out more. Here’s an excerpt from the second edition of my Social Media Promotion For Musicians book that outlines a gig reminder strategy that has proven […]

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