4 New Social Media Hacks For 2023

Social media keeps evolving so that what worked last year might not work as well today. Image sizes, posting times, and posting strategies change a lot faster than we’re all prepared for. The team over at Media Update has 4 new social media hacks that may throw you for a minute, but make sense after you think about them for a second. Here we go:

4 social media hacks for 2023

1 – Stay close to the star – Find a major artist in your genre and watch if they post at certain times (the posts are most likely scheduled). Schedule your posts to appear a few minutes after them because some of their audience might see yours as well.

2 – Repurpose your content. Go to your insights and find the posts that performed best over the last year. Repeat the post with a new caption or headline. This works because many in your audience never saw your first post (such as new followers), many didn’t read it, and many forgot it.

3 – Don’t post on the hour. This one seems counter-intuitive because of all the information that says posting exactly on the hour is best, but now that’s what everyone does. If you want more people to see your posts, schedule your posts to appear 5 to 10 minutes before or after the hour.

4 – Wait on the comments and likes. In the past we were directed by the SEO gurus to reply to a comment or like it as soon as possible. New data says to wait before you do that until after your next post. Your followers receive a notification which then gives you a higher chance that they’ll see your new post as well.

These social media hacks are designed to have your posts stand out of the crowd or have a new potential audience see them. They also show that sometimes following the data to the letter isn’t the best thing to do.

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