UK Gives Music Venus Aid, Red Bull Studios Close, And Austrian Audio CEO Martin Seidl On My Latest Podcast

Austrian Audio CEO Martin Seidl

My guest on the podcast this week is Martin Seidl, who spearheaded the drive to start Austrian Audio from the ashes of AKG after Harmon decided to close the company 3 years ago.  In what might be an unprecedented move, Martin managed to keep the core of AKG together to start the new company and keep it operating […]

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Nielsen Mid-Year Music Report, Korg And Roland Get Fined, And Sweetwater’s Chuck Surack On My Latest Podcast

Sweetwater founder Chuck Surack

My guest on the podcast this week is Chuck Surack, who supplemented his playing career as a sax and keyboard player with a makeshift recording studio in the back of a his Volkswagen bus.  That mobile studio was the departure point for what was to become the largest online music retailer in the world – Sweetwater Sound. The […]

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Deezer Coming On Strong, My Top 10 DAWs, And Tour Manager Felicity Hall On My Latest Podcast

Tour manager Felicity Hall image

My guest on the podcast this week is Felicity Hall, who’s been a tour manager for the last 10 years in a male dominated world. During that time she’s worked with Snarky Puppy, Bokante, Delain, Public Service Broadcasting, and a whole lot more. Felicity has also been running an online series about managing life on the road on […]

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Online Concerts, Things We Don’t Miss About Analog Studios, And Studio Designer John Brandt On My Latest Podcast

John Brandt Studio Designs image

My guest on the podcast this week is John Brandt, who’s owned studios and built custom audio equipment in both the UK and Nashville before delving deeper into the world of studio design.  John’s company JHBrandt Acoustic Designs now provides design and consulting services to music studios, commercial video and cinema facilities, home recording studios, home theaters, presentation […]

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New Grammy Rule Book, Orchestra Social Distancing, And Producer Kyle Hunter On My Latest Podcast

Kyle Hunter RhythmCouture image

My guest on the podcast this week is Kyle Hunter, who started producing music for artists, but soon learned about the world of sync licensing and custom music.  He also co-founded RhythmCouture, which now counts Forever 21, Vans, Calvin Klein, The NY Times and many more major brands among their clients. The company also has a large music […]

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TikTok And Kids, Mic Custom Shop, Gibson Sells Stanton, And Mixer/Producer David Cole On My Latest Podcast

David Cole image

My guest on the podcast this week is David Cole, who started his career as a staff engineer at the famous Capitol Studios in Hollywood, learned the lost art of vinyl disk mastering there, and worked his way up to staff producer at Capitol and MCA Records before going freelance. David’s had a lot of great studio experiences […]

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