The Protect Working Musicians Act Could Help Artists Negotiate Better Streaming Rates

Protect Working Musicians Act

When it comes to negotiating streaming rates, the major record labels are in the drivers seat, doing deals in the backroom that no one knows about until they’re announced. Needless to say, artists have no say in this. That could change if the updated Protect Working Musicians Act becomes law. The bill would allow artists […]

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After All The Talk, “Artist-Centric” Streaming Royalties To Become A Reality

Deezer-UMG artist-centric royalties

For the last few years we’ve heard a lot about an alternative streaming royalty model called user-centric, where the artist gets paid according to the number of times that a user listens. The current standard pro-rata way of determining royalty payouts which uses market share. This was all talk until Deezer and Universal Music Group […]

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