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Smart Speakers Help Amazon To 100 Million Prime Subscribers

Amazon Prime Logo on the Music 3.0 blog

Amazon has never officially discussed its Prime service subscriber numbers in the past, leaving room for lots of speculation. Was it 90 million? 120 million? 60 million? Finally we get some real confirmation from CEO Jeff Bezos himself, who announced in its annual shareholders letter that the company has broken the 100 million barrier, a new […]

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The Major Labels Make $9000 Every Minute From Streaming

$9000 every minute from the Music 3.0 blog

For those that said that streaming revenue would never replace that from CDs there’s this – According to a study done by Music Business Worldwide, the major labels made around $9000 every minute from streaming in the first quarter of 2017. To put it into perspective, that means $540,000 per hour and $12.5 million every day! If […]

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With 32 Million Subscribers Apple Music Is Challenging Spotify As Streaming Leader

Apple Music

We keep reading about Spotify having more paid subscribers than just about any other service at 51 or so million, but it looks like Apple Music is not only catching up, but surpassing the service in many areas. A new survey from the media measurement company Verto Analytics actually puts Apple Music at the top […]

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