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Warner Music Group Sells It’s Spotify Stock And Gives 25% Back To Its Artists

Warner unloads Spotify stock on the Music 3.0 Blog

Warner Music Group recently sold all of its stake in Spotify for $504 million, and everyone expected that money to go right to the company’s bottom line and bypass its artists. That’s not the case though as Warners announced that it would allocate 25% of that income back to artists. Sounds like good news, right? […]

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Good News! Major Labels To Share Spotify Stock Listing Windfall With Artists

Spotify major labels on the Music 3.0 blog

With Spotify about to become listed on the New York Stock Exchange, a big question that has hung over the heads of major label execs is what will happen if they liquidate their shares in the company. Revenue windfalls like this in the past have found their way to the company’s bottom lines and not […]

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Warner Music Has Best Quarter In 14 Years

It wasn’t that long ago that the recorded music industry was completely in the doldrums, knocked down to less than half its peak business by a failing physical recording business that showed no signs of being replaced by downloads. Everyone predicted the worst  as there was absolutely no faith that the fledgling streaming services could […]

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Warner Music’s New Deal With YouTube Isn’t Great, But It Might Not Matter Anyway


All of the major labels have been out of contract and on a month-to-month basis in their licensing agreements with YouTube for some time now, but the first domino has fallen as Warner Music Group reported that it’s just completed a new deal with the video service. Even though no terms were announced, it’s easy to […]

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