May 13, 2022

10 Ideas For Behind-The-Scenes Video Content

10 ideas for behind-the-scenes video content on the Music 3.0 Blog

Fans love behind-the-scenes videos but many artists are at a loss for exactly what that means. Here are 10 ideas that can make the job of creating this type of content a lot easier. Remember that the videos don’t have to be long to be effective.

1. A look at your daily routine. This could be how you prepare for a gig, record in the studio, or live on the road.

2. Introduce each team member. Either show the viewers what they do, or even better, have them describe what they do themselves.

3. Fun facts about you that only a few people know. This can include pets, hobbies, books, shows and artists that you love, or just about anything else you can think of.

4. Things that you can’t live without. This might be the cup of Starbucks that starts your day, the special coconut water that you drink, or your trusty laptop that keeps you organized.

5. Things that you’re grateful for. This could be parents, teachers, loved ones, pets, something you follow – anything that keeps you centered.

6. A look at your every day tools. This could be your recording setup, the instruments you gig with, the things you travel with, your phone apps, or anything else that’s important to doing your job.

7. Something that made you laugh recently. A situation, video, person you met – anything that’s not so inside that viewers won’t get.

8. A look at what you’re working on. Do you have new music that you’re producing, or maybe a video? A sneak peek is always fun for fans.

9. Interesting friends, family members, or pets. People love to see a little of the backstory of what makes you tick.

10. Things that inspire you. Do you get inspiration from a person, or a place (the mountains or beach, for instance), or an object (a picture or statue)?

Whenever someone asks how long these videos should be, my answer is always, “As long as it needs to be.” In other words, if there’s something that’s really interesting, you don’t have to cut it off at an arbitrary 2 or 3 minute mark because that’s how long everyone says it should be. That said, shorter is usually better, but don’t sacrifice good behind-the-scenes content in favor of time.

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